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If you're anything like me, you sometimes look for your keys on your way out of your apartment. There are a lot of nik-naks we keep in our pockets that get misplaced. A few years ago, I first had an idea to design a bathroom cabinet for the foyer where one could keep things like this.

A bathroom cabinet is great for a couple of things. It allows you hide things away, but the mirror also allows you check yourself out. I thought both things would be great for a foyer in an apartment. You can keep things you need to dash out, and then you can check that your makeup is still looking pretty good.

Design and Fabrication

I designed STOW with two parts, the frame (to house the mirror and be attached to the wall) and the holder (that acts as storage). The holder is designed to fit completely within the frame and it can be slid out to place or remove items.

STOW is designed to be fabricated with Aluminum, Glass, and Acrylic. The form of the frame is achieved using laser bending and then a groove is cut through the mid-section using a mill. This mid-section houses the mirror which is assembled using silicone.

The holder part is made using frosted acrylic. Achieving the bend was particularly tricky, but I managed it thanks to help from the technicians at the Myhal Fabrication Facility.


At this time, STOW remains a prototype that is displayed in the home of a friend of mine. It's available for view or to be part of a showcase. If you would like to have one made for yourself, please let me know. Enjoy the video and photos below!

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